#BandnamenaufDeutsch – funny German band names gone viral

Ever wondered how bands like the Smashing Pumpkins came up with their name? Hearing a name like that again and again makes it less spectacular, but translating it into another language sheds a completely new light on things. A bunch of German speakers have decided to take advantage of this by posting crazily translated English band names into German on Twitter within the last 24 hours. Check them out via https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23bandnamenaufdeutsch. We have summarised the best ones here. Can you guess what they are in English?

–          Rote scharfe Chillischote

–          Grüner Tag

–          Die weißen Streifen

–          Die Geschlechtspistolen

–          Die Hinterstraßenjungs

–          22,86 Zentimeter Nägel

–          Schnupper Hundiger Hund

–          Die schwarzäugigen Erbsen

Note how bizarre and unsexy they suddenly sound auf Deutsch!

Have a good weekend!