Batman costumes banned in German cinemas

It’s hard to discuss the new Batman movie without being reminded of the recent horrifying massacre in Colorado. Even in Germany, cinemas are now increasing security measures (‘Sicherheitsvorkehrungen’ / ’Sicherheitsmaßnahmen’ /’Schutzvorkehrungen’ – you choose) for premiere viewings of The Dark Knight Rises. Several large cinema chains have announced that they will be keeping a sharp eye on visitors of this movie, banning costumes and checking bags and jackets upon entrance. Won’t this take the fun out of things? Apparently not, as the film has proved even more successful than its predecessor four years ago, at least in the US. See what some German people think of these measures:

Dark Night Stats

Via Nordkurier

25% Think it’s right – ‘Ich halte das für den richtigen Schritt’

58% Think it’s completely over the top – ‘Total übertrieben’

17% Have no opinion at all – ‘Habe keine Meinung dazu’ All right!

What do you think? Personally, we hardly find this surprising as security has always been high up on the list for German authorities.