Being a softy – German-style


We all know Germans can be pretty direct at times. And so can their language. That’s why we’ve created a list of funny German words which are used to describe somone who’s a bit of a softy, a wet blanket, a wuss, a sissy or, put more harshly, *apologies for this*- a pussy. In fact, there aren’t half as many words like that in English – maybe because we’re oh so polite? Or just not as creative at making up these kinds of insults? Either way, here goes the list with its literal translations:

Weichei (n.) – “a soft egg”

Warmduscher (m.) – “somebody who takes warm showers”

Unterhosenfalter (m.) – “somebody who folds their underwear”

Memme (f.) – stems from old word for “female breast” – find more details here:

Lusche (f.) – comes from a card game where “Lusche” is a card without value

Milchbubi (m.) – “Little milk boy”, i.e. still depends on his mother

Muttersöhnchen (n.) – “Mother’s little son”