Fake tan, anyone?

Germans, Swiss and Austrians don’t tend to go for fake tan as much as their northern European neighbours. Many tan quite naturally by themselves. H&M’s recent bikini ads have therefore provoked a bit of an uproar: around 5 different lustfully posing women, who must have been Caucasian at some point, are now displayed on massive posters all around inner cities, wearing a tan that couldn’t look more unnatural.  Sure, summer is on its way and who doesn’t like a bit of a tan, but H&M seems to have exaggerated it a little in this case, causing health-conscious people in particular to be concerned about the damage too much sun can do and the bad example the posters may give to younger girls. Nachhaltig Leben, a Swiss online health magazine explains how ‘Hautexperten schlagen Alarm’ (dermatologists are alarmed) because of the ‘braungebrannte Models’ (burnt-looking models). Note that Germans do not really have a noun such as ‘tan’ apart from ‘Bräune’ (brownness) and the verb is ‘braun werden’ or ‘sich bräunen’ (literally to become brown). Oh, and in case you should need it while abroad  ‘fake tan’ in German is ‘Selbstbräuner’. So there you have it, you’re well equipped for all potential German conversations about tanning this summer!

Image © doigoi