Freitag der Dreizehnte

Friday 13th

Has nobody left the house today?

Today is Friday 13th and although Germans aren’t terribly superstitious, this date certainly does ring a bell for them and make them shudder a little. For a start, it’s raining today. Have you been soaked through yet or lost your umbrella?  Or perhaps tripped up on the pavement? Forgotten your wallet at home and been checked in the U-Bahn? If so, you know where the blame lies, of course. Here’s some useful vocab for when things go wrong.

–          Ich bin gestolpert (I tripped up)

–          Ich bin durchnässt worden (I got soaked through)

–          So ein Pech! (Bad luck! – unlike the English, Germans actually have a single word for bad luck – what might that say about their attitude towards it?)

–          Ein richter Pechtag (a really unlucky day – the opposite being Ein richtiger Glückstag)

–          Auch das noch! (Just what I didn’t need!)

–          Pechvogel (An unlucky person – literally an unlucky bird)

In the hope that you won’t need any of these expressions and will get through the day safely, have a lovely Friday!