Fußballpsychologie – What victories do to Germany’s mood

Public viewing in a German Biergarten

Image © doigoi

Beeping cars, loud horns, cheers and a ray of ‘Schwarz-Rot-Gold’ strewn across every city. The European Championship will be over in exactly one week and Germans are placing their bets on their team being in the final. Euphoria has been growing with every match along the way. But how does the national team’s success impact its on fans when they’re not glued to the screen in a Biergarten?

According to a recent article, this intense level of joy and winning gives Germans much more ‘Selbstbewusstsein’ (confidence) and they have a more positive impression of themselves and their surroundings, even causing them to go into a bit of a ‘Kaufrausch’ (spending spree). Makes sense, right? But there’s more.

10,000 consumers were asked to assess their economy’s current state and their government’s performance – resulting in a consistently positive correlation to whether their team had just lost or one. This illusion seems to be a contagious (‘ansteckend’) nation-wide phenomenon. Spending hours in front of a public viewing screen, shouting out and blowing into a ‘Tröte’ (noisy plastic horn) for every new score seems to be good for one’s health as well as it has a liberating (‘befreiend’) effect!

Let’s just hope the country doesn’t fall into a complete ‘Tief’ (anticlimax) once it’s all over.

Some more relevant vocab for you:

          ‘schwarz-rot-gold’ – colours of Germany’s national flag, you may hear the words ‘Mein Herz schlägt schwarz-rot-gold’, literally ‚my heart beats in black-red-gold‘

          ‘Sich im Ruhm anderer sonnen’ – basking in reflected glory

          ‘Fußballfieber’ – literally football fever

          ’Tröte’ (f.) – horn, the verb being ‚tröten‘ to blow into a horn

–          ’Jubeln’ – cheering, the verb being ‘jubeln

Via Welt Online