German Love?

The German language isn’t only used for expressing anger (as referred to in a recent post). In fact, Germans have quite a few metaphors for expressing that somebody is in love. We can’t guarantee their phonetics will be as smooth as they are in English, French or Italian. But let’s give it a go, ja?

–          Schmetterlinge im Bauch (literally butterflies in one’s stomach) – need we translate this one?

–          Jemanden den Kopf verdrehen (literally to twist somebody’s head around) – to drive somebody crazy. Example: ‘Sie hat mir total den Kopf verdreht’ – She drives me completely crazy

–          Auf jemanden stehen (literally to stand on somebody – wherever that originates from..) – to be into somebody. Example: ‘Steht er auf dich?’ – ‘Is he into you?’

–          Frühlingsgefühle (literally spring feelings) – what Germans claim to feel in spring time when everything is in bloom.

–          Sich Hals über Kopf verlieben (literally to fall neck over head in love) – to fall head over heels in love. ‘Sie haben sich Hals über Kopf verliebt.’ – They fell head over heels in love.

On that note, enjoy your Saturday night!