Getting angry German-style

We all have bad days! What better way to deal with them than with a few good old German swearwords. But no, you’ll learn actual swearwords another day. These are more civil ways to express that one is in a bad mood or angry! To go with it, here’s the trailer for a funny German movie about a girl suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. ‘Ein Tick anders’.

–          Genervt – (annoyed)

–          Fuchsteufelswild – (literally ‘fox-devils-wild’, i.e. ‘really really really annoyed’)

–          Angepisst – (‘pissed off’, stolen from the English language)

–          Was soll das? – (‘What the hell?’)

–          Das kann jawohl nicht wahr sein – (‘No way / I can’t believe this’)

–          Ich glaub ich spinne – (literally ‘I think I must be mad’ – i.e. ‘you’ve got to be kidding me!’)

–          Ich drehe gleich durch – (‘I’m gonna go mad in a minute’)

–          Das macht mich wahnsinnig – (‘That drives me insane’)

–          Da krieg ich so nen Hals – love this one (literally ‘I get a neck like this – meaning ‘that drives me insane’ too)

–          Ich glaube es hakt – (literally ‘I think something has got stuck’ – meaning ‘you’ve got to be kidding’)


Hope that’s cooled everybody down after this hot day 🙂