Hitzewelle over Germany

It’s taken a while but it looks like summer is finally at its ‘Hoch’ (high or peak) in between the many storms and rainy days which ‘Siebenschläfer’ predicted back in June. The news channels are even talking about a ‘Hitzewelle’ (heat wave) taking over Germany, with maximum temperatures of 40°. Apparently this wave has come over from Africa. Nice! Or not? A few people are complaining because they ‘kommen ins Schwitzen’ (literally coming into sweating, i.e. beginning to sweat). As a result, they will go ‘baden’ (swimming or bathing) in the Freibad (outside swimming pool) to ensure they cool off (‘abkühlen’) a little in a ‘Schattenplatz’ (place in the shade). How will you cool off in the next days?

Via Stern.

A few interesting vocab facts surrounding the German word for ‘heat’

– heiß – hot

– Hitze (f.) – the heat

– erhitzen – to heat up

– heizen – to put the heater on

– Hitzefrei (n.) – what kids get when it’s too hot in school and they can leave early as a result! No such thing as Kältefrei unfortunately!