“Honigkuchenpferd”, now you say it!


You probably haven’t come across this rather funny German word, but a very special Kudos if you have:

Honigkuchenpferd (n.) Yes, they love to spell it all together – 16 letters. So let’s take it apart:

Honig (honey) – Kuchen (cake) – Pferd (horse).

Pronunciation: [ˈhoːnɪçˌkuːχənˌpfeːɐ̯t]

So a horse-shaped honey cake. Yumm!

But Honigkuchenpferd is also used as an expression, such as in these sentences:

Grinsen wie ein Honigkuchenpferd” – To grin like a… well… horse-shaped honey cake! Makes sense, right? Actually, no.. And another one:

Sich freuen wie ein Honigkuchenpferd” – To be happy as a horse-shaped honey cake. Sounds good!

Don’t ask us where this comparison stems from!

See if you get to use this admittedly hard-to-pronounce word in daily German conversation. It’s a little rare, but people will understand – and hopefully smile!

Have a nice day.