Leichtes Deutsch – a new language

Bundestag - leichtes Deutsch

Let’s face it – German isn’t the easiest of languages. In fact, many citizens of the country who were born and raised here have difficulties in understanding complex articles and words. That’s why the “Bundestag“, the German parliament, has announced that it now offers its official website in “Leichtes Deutsch” – easy German. And who is this aimed it, you might wonder? “Menschen, die nicht so gut lesen und verstehen können”, those who can’t read and understand so well. Fair play – this gives everyone the chance to understand what’s going on in German politics. According to a study carried out by the University of Hamburg last year, 14% of German adults can be considered “Analphabeten” – illiterate. Do you find this surprising? We certainly do!

To see what the website now looks like, visit http://www.bundestag.de and click on “Leichte Sprache” in the top right-hand corner, next to English, French and Arabic! You’ll then get a new version of the site with short and easy sentences. Perhaps quite a good way to practice for German beginners or children as well?

Via Die Welt.