No country for dust & dirt – Germans like it clean

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If you’ve lived in a German flat share, you might have used an orderly cleaning rota (‘Putzplan’) to know who’s doing what or who’s not done their part in the household. According to a recent survey, around 30% of Germans even admit to suffering from a regular cleaning mania (‘Putzanfall’ – literally cleaning attack), during which they clean everything at once and have a hell of a time doing so as well! Amazing. Also, one in five of the participants surveyed claimed to be upset if they didn’t find the time to do their household duties. Here is some German vocab for potential future discussions about dirt, dust and spotlessness.

·         putzen / sauber machen (to clean)

·         Putzanfall / Putzfimmel (cleaning mania)

·         Dreck / Schmutz (dirt) and their adjectives dreckig / schmutzig (dirty)

·         Staub (dust)

·         Staubsauger / staubsaugen (vacuum cleaner / to vacuum)

·         Schwamm (sponge) – by the way, ‘Schwamm drüber’ is a way of saying

          ‘Forget about it!’

·         blitzblank / glänzend (spotless)

You never know, your flatmates might be one of those 30%!