Siebenschläfer – seven weeks of stormy summer ahead

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Who says conversations about the weather are not worth having? If you’re a fan of weather lores, you might be interested to know that today is the first day of ‘Siebenschläfer’ week. According to this ‘Bauernregel’ (weather lore – literally ‘farmers’ rule’), the weather tendencies during this week are a reflection of how it will be for the next 7 weeks, i.e. most of the summer. Quite a big deal, right?

This rule has proven particularly reliable (with up to 80% accuracy) in the Southern parts of Germany. Summer 2012 is supposed to be extremely varied, with short intervals of hot periods followed by wild storms and heavy showers. Here’s some vocab to get you through potential conversations about the good old ‘Wetter’ (weather).

Blitz’ (m.) – lightning

Donner’ (m.) – thunder

Wolke’ (f.) – cloud, the adjective being ‘bewölkt’ – cloudy

schwül‘ – humid – be careful when pronouncing this

Regen’ (m.) – rain, the verb being ‘regnen’

Sturm’ (m.) – storm, the adjective being ‘stürmisch’

Gewitter’ (n.) – thunderstorm

Hitzewelle’ (f.) – heat wave

Sonnenbrand’ (m.) – sunburn

Niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeit’ (f.) (yes, this is a real word with 32 letters!)  –  chance of rain


But first, let’s see what Siebenschläfer brings us. Enjoy your day!