The Pope goes Twitter

It’s perfectly natural to use Twitter as a celebrity by now. Many stars tweet dozens of messages a day which are eagerly favourited and retweeted by their millions of followers over and over again – even politicians like Obama have made use of this instant-response channel. But the Pope? Now that’s a new one! The Vatican today stated that from 12th November onwards, Pope Benedikt XVI will be tweeting under the account @Pontifex. He is the first pope ever to use an official Twitter account. Personally, I would not have expected this from a German Pope. Perhaps a British or American one, but Germans tend to be very conservative in terms of their internet presence and being a religious figure is of course a whole new level. Correct me if I’m wrong, but not even Angela Merkel appears to have an official Twitter account, right? Anyway, we’re very excited to see which questions people will be sending Pope Benedikt from next week onwards, using the hashtag #AskPontifex. Without a single message having been tweeted yet, the Pope already has almost 200,000 followers. What do you think? Will you be following him? Here’s some relevant vocab:

–          Papst (m.) – pope

–          twittern (verb) – to tweet

–          retweeten (verb) – to retweet

–          Botschaft (f.) – a message

–          Glaube (m.) – faith

–          Glaubensgemeinschaft (f.) – religious community

–          Kirche (f.) – church

Via Twitter Blog.