Typisch Deutsch (typical German)?

Image © Bonner Weihnachtsmarkt

Those among us who have been in Germany for a while will have become accustomed to some typical German habits and characteristics. Of course, there are the famous stereotypes that everybody knows of even without visiting the country, which can be read in Stefan Zeidenitz’s ‘The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Germans’. These include discipline, punctuality, and directness, to name a few. Not necessarily the most exciting national personality traits to have. But let’s consider some more interesting, positive and perhaps surprising German ‘Eigenschaften’ (qualities) which tourists noticed upon their visit to the ‘Bundesrepublik’ (Federal Republic):

          ‘Da hat uns ein Deutscher einfach angesprochen und seine Hilfe angeboten’ (Then a German guy approached us and offered to help us)

         Deutschland ist so grün und saftig und hat schöne große Wälder’ (Germany is so green and lush and has beautiful large woods)

          ‘Was wir an Deutschland mögen? Milka-Schokolade und Nutella’ (What we like about Germany? Milka chocolate and Nutella)

          ‘Deutsche sind besonders freundlich und höflich’ (Germans are particularly friendly and polite)

          ‘Am allermeisten mag ich aber bis jetzt das Bier’ (My favourite thing so far has been the beer)

          ‘Gestern haben wir eine Schweinshaxe gegessen, die unser Leben verändert hat‘ (Yesterday we ate a pork shank which changed our lives).

Surprised? What else would you add to the list? Without wishing to generalise, we like their ‘Ehrlichkeit’ (honesty) and the good old ‘Brezel’ (pretzel) is a particularly yummy way to start the morning.

Via SZ.