Watch the Stars


Get your ‘Fernrohr’ (telescope) out and keep your eyes open tonight! If it’s a clear night, you will be able to watch ‘Sternschnuppen’ (shooting stars) falling from the sky all over Germany! More specifically, these are ‘Perseids’, a meteor shower named after the sons of Perseus in Greek mythology. Between 2am and 5am, late-night observers will see around 120 meteors shooting across the sky on an hourly basis. Worth staying up for? Most certainly!

Some German expressions including stars (caution: may be very philosophical or cheesy)

–          ‚Es steht noch in den Sternen, ob..‘– It is still written in the stars whether…

–          ‚Sein Stern sinkt‘ – His star is waning

–          ‚Sie steht unter einem schlechten Stern‘ – She is ill-fated

–          ‚Ich hole dir die Sterne vom Himmel‘ – I’d go to the end of the world for you

–          ‘Er greift nach den Sternen.’ – He’s reaching for the stars.

Have a starry Saturday *


Via Spiegel.