The longer you look at them…

… the funnier they seem. Semantically, they have little in common. Here is a hopefully exhaustive list of German words ending in -opf. Try pronouncing them all and see how weird they suddenly sound. It gets a little tricky after a while!

  • Knopf – a button
  • Zopf – a braid
  • Pfropf (gotta love this one!) – a clot or stopper
  • Kopf – a head
  • Topf – a pot
  • Schopf – a tuft
  • Tropf – a drip (in the medical sense).

Oh and of course they have a few corresponding verbs

  • knöpfen – to button something up
  • schöpfen – to source
  • köpfen – to behead
  • tropfen – to drip

That should be all – unless our talented readers can think of any more? 🙂