You are walking me animally on the cookie! – Come again?

Image © doigoi

Something to laugh about – we found some of the best German sayings translated into English. Note how many of them are related to food or are just completely unfathomable!

‘You can say you to me’ / Du kannst du zu mir sagen (highlighting the difference between the formal ‘du’ and informal ‘Sie’)

‘My English is not the yellow from the egg’ / Mein Englisch ist nicht das Gelbe vom Ei (meaning my English isn’t exactly brilliant)

‘Everything has an end but the sausage has two’ / Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei (get it?)

‘You are walking me animally on the cookie’ / Du gehst mir tierisch auf den Keks (meaning you’re really getting on my nerves)

‘With me is not good cherry eating’ / Mit mir ist nicht gut Kirschen essen (meaning I’m not a good person to be hanging out with or talking to)

‘Have you had a clown for breakfast?’ / Hast du einen Clown gefrühstückt? (are you trying to be funny?)

So have you ever come across any of these? Sadly, it would be unlikely to hear a German say them in English – unless of course they had had a massive clown for breakfast 😉

Via Getamen.