Ze German Sense of Humour











Translation: ‘Oh god, I’m so embarrassed. I wanted to fart really quietly and that must have slipped out’. Get it, get it??

Germans. Do they have a sense of humour? Well, yes, some certainly do. It’s just a case of understanding it. Often they’re funny in a sarcastic or clever way. Not the in-your-face American comedy style, no. They certainly have enough expressions for saying something is funny or for describing someone who is laughing. So without further ado, here you go:

–          ‚Hast du einen Clown gefrühstückt?‘ (Literally ‘Have you had a clown for breakfast?’) meaning ‘Are you trying to be funny?’

–          ‘Sich wegschmeißen vor Lachen’ (Literally ‘To throw oneself away with laughter‘) meaning ‚to laugh a loooot‘

–          ‘Das ist zum Schießen’ (Literally ‘That’s for shooting‘) meaning ‚that’s hilarious‘

–          ‘Ich hätte mich totlachen können’ (Literally ‘I could have laughed myself dead) meaning to ‘I was killing myself laughing’.

–          ‘Prusten’ (Literally ‘to splutter’) another way to say ‘laugh’, i.e. imagine somebody spitting their drink all over their screen after reading a good joke (Witz). Ja!

Also, it has become standard to write ‘Lol’, ‘Rofl’ or ‘Lmao’ in German emails, texts or chat messages

Dylan Moran says it best:

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